Creative Works


Esther: Shining Star*

Esther, a beautiful teenage orphan, is forced to participate in the competition to become Queen of Persia. She is chosen and as Queen, she is immersed in palace intrigue that threatens her life and the lives of her family and her people. Can she find the courage to outwit the megalomaniac, Haman, who is bent on the destruction of the Jewish race? Experience the exciting story behind Purim, the Jewish holiday celebrated throughout generations proclaiming the Jewish people’s deliverance from annihilation.

Music and Lyrics: Miriam Relyea
*Libretto: Evelyn Allen


Called By Name: The Story of Mephibosheth

Mephibosheth is the forgotten lame son of Jonathan, son of Israel’s first King, Saul. Jonathan, heir to the throne, was also the best friend to Israel’s popular hero, David, slayer of the giant Philistine, Goliath. David, loathed by King Saul, becomes King of Israel after Saul and Jonathan are killed in a battle. Follow Mephibosheth, a destitute former royal, in this touching story that includes jealously, brotherly love, revenge, death, and a consistently mispronounced name.


Three Men, Three Minutes

This is a dramatic adaptation of Luke’s account of the crucifixion of Christ, focusing on Jesus’ exchange with the two thieves during the execution. We have imagined circumstances in the lives of Dismas and Gestas, the two thieves crucified alongside Him. What brought them to this point and what happened on the cross that provided one of the thieves a place alongside Jesus in Paradise?

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On That Night: A Musical Celebration of Hope*

The night the Christ child was born was the dawn of hope for the world. This musical imagines what might have happened “On That Night” in the lives of certain people that played a role in Jesus’ life. Join present day Wilbur and Willadene, the fun and zany couple, as they embark on a journey of discovery in the power of the Christmas Star.  Share with Joseph,  Mary and Martha, and Zechariah (the proud father of baby John later to be known as John the Baptist) as they experience unusual events on the night of Christ’s birth.  Also that night, Mary Magdalene confronts her demons, which are subdued by the Star's light, the angels and earth celebrate with glorious song, and the Three Kings, overwhelmed at the majesty of the baby, worship the prophesied Messiah.

Concept, Music and Lyrics: Miriam Relyea
*Orchestrations and Script: Mary Ellen Johnson, Ph.D.